ARRI Master Macro 100mm T2.0 LensARRI Master Macro 100mm T2.0 Lens

ARRI Master Macro 100mm T2.0 Lens

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with staggering, life-size detail

Cinematographers looking for superior quality for tabletop cinematography, product shots, close-up inserts on feature films or any other applications that require a macro lens, ARRI Master Macro 100 delivers images of staggering beauty.

It; can be used on any PL mount 35 mm film or single-sensor 35 format digital camera. It can also be used on PL mount 16 mm film and single sensor 16 format or 2/3” digital cameras.

The Master Macro 100 is Super Colour Matched to the other Master Primes, Ultra Primes, Ultra 16 lenses, Lightweight Zoom LWZ-1 and Master Diopters, so the cinematographer can craft a look on the set rather than matching lenses in post. Additionally, the iris opening of the Master Macro consists of nine high precision leaves, resulting in round and natural-looking out-of-focus highlights and an organic bokeh.

Unlike most other macro lenses, the Master Macro 100 has been designed and built specifically for close-up motion picture cinematography. The result is a lens that meets the highest demands in image quality and handling.

Designed for use with digital cameras like ARRI ALEXA / AMIRA, but would work with film cameras as well.

Main Features

  • Dedicated for Motion Picture Macro Work
  • 100 mm macro lens with 1:1 magnification ratio
  • Wide T-stop range: T2.0 (infinity)/T4.3 (close focus) to T32
  • Master Prime Optical Quality
  • Super Color Matched to Master Primes, Ultra Primes, Ultra 16 lenses, Lightweight Zoom LWZ-1
  • Expanded focus scale (1.4x revolutions) for greater accuracy
  • LDS for display of T-stop compensation on WRC-2

Name Master Macro 100/T2.0
Type (1) Makro-Planar T* XP
Lens Mout (2) PL-LDS
Aperture (3) T2.0/T4.3 to T32
Close focus (4) 0.35 m / 13 3/4″
Magnification ratio (5) 01:01
Length (6) 202,7 mm / 8″
Front diameter (7) 114 mm / 4.5″
Weight 2.6 kg / 5.7 lbs
Horizontal angle of view ANSI Super 35 (8) ID = 31.14 mm (11) 14.02°
Horizontal angle of view DIN Super 35 (9) ID = 30.00 mm (11) 13.52°
Horizontal angle of view Normal 35 (10) ID = 27.20 mm (11) 12.42°
Entrance pupil (12) 77.1 mm / 3″