Canon CN20x50Canon CN20x50

Canon CN20x50 4K Lens with 20x zoom

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Cine-Servo 50-1000mm Ultra-Telephoto Zoom 4K Lens

The Canon CN20 lens is great for sports, nature documentaries, and other types of long-zoom field production.

An unrivalled 20x zoom of CN20 together with an in-built 1.5x extender delivers a class-leading focal length spanning 50mm up to 1500mm.

Easy to carry and lightweight it is the ideal field lens for sport events and wildlife applications with high optical performance across the entire zoom range. CN20 is also both weatherproof and shockproof for excellent durability in any shooting environment.

This lens is also ideal for cinema-style applications. The servo drive unit is easily removed for operation as a traditional cine lens – and just as easily re-installed. No adjustment of gear positions is required, enabling a fluid, versatile shooting style previously unavailable with large sensor cameras.

The CN20×50 IAS H has a newly designed digital servo system that utilizes the miniature 16-bit optical encoders that enhance the control of zoom, iris, and focus with the same superior precision for which Canon is world-famous in the 2/3” ENG/EFP domain.


  • Studio Broadcast Lens Controllers
  • Servo Cine Lens
  • World’s first built-in 1.5x “4K” extender
  • Iris close function
  • 19mm-diameter rod system
  • 11-blade aperture diaphragm

Part of our large fleet of 4K lenses

The Canon CN7 is part of our extensive range of Canon 4K lenses. Our fleet includes a full line-up of Canon 4K broadcast lenses: CJ12 and CJ20 4K ENG lenses and UJ27, UJ86 and UJ90 4K box lenses.

Our inventory of over 120 UHD lenses is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting 4K broadcast. We have one of the largest 4K hire fleets in the world, including over 140 Sony HDC-4300 camera channels.

Canon CN20x50 is compatible with range of Supe35 Sensor cameras like:

Sony PXW-FS5/FS7/FS7M2
Canon C100/300/500/700

Mount EF (/E1 variant)
PL (/P1 variant)
Focal Length 50 – 1000mm (75-1500mm w/ 1.5xEXT)
Zoom Ratio 20x
Image Size Super35mm
Maximum Relative Aperture T5.0 at 50-560mm
T8.9 at 1000mm
T7.5 at 75-840mm
T13.35 at 1500mm (1.5x)
Iris Blades 11
Angular Field of View 1.78:1 – 24.6×13.8mm
27.6°x 15.7° – 1.4°x 0.8°
(1.5x) 18.6°x 10.5° – 0.9°x 0.5°
1.9:1 – 26.2×13.8mm
29.4°x 15.7° – 1.5°x 0.8°
(1.5x)- 19.8°x 10.5° – 1.0°x 0.5°
MOD from Image Sensor 3.5m / 11.5’
Object Dimensions at MOD 1.78:1- 24.6×13.8mm
139.3 x 78.1cm at 50mm / 7.3 x 4.1cm at 1000mm
(1.5x)92.9 x 52.1cm at 75mm / 4.9 x 2.7cm at 1500mm
1.9:1- 26.2×13.8mm
148.3 x 78.1cm at 50mm – 7.8 x 4.1cm at 1000mm
(1.5x)98.9 x 52.1cm at 75mm – 5.2 x 2.7cm at 1500mm
Front Diameter φ136mm
Approx Size (W x H x L) 175 x 170.6 x 413.2mm (EF mount)
175×170.6×405.2mm (PL Mount)
Approx Weight 6.6kg
Pitch of Focus/Zoom/Iris Gear Focus:0.8/0.5 Zoom:0.5 Iris:0.5