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Up to 12 channels HD/SD

The scalability of EVS XT3 makes an ideal choice for current live productions using slow-motion cameras.
EVS was always proud of its SuperMotion capabilities supporting 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10-time SuperMotion.

XT3 supports up to 12 HD channels (ChannelMax) with multi-channel ingest capabilities for AV content from any source.

Main applications

  • Studio ingest
  • Live studio production
  • Live OB/remote production
  • VTR replacement
  • Content control & delay

XT3 production server can be easily integrated with nearly all 3rd-party tools like Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro. This server effortlessly integrates to Media Asset Management systems.

Loop Recording Technology

XT3 ingest solutions and loop recording allows you to get uninterrupted multi-channel recording and access to recorded material any time. Your live production never stops and nor should your recording engines. Your recording will start as soon as the server is booted, and carries on with recording until the server is shut down.

EVS XT3 can be easily connected with Xfile 3 for live file archive and transfer or Xhub 3 to interconnect other XT3’s.

Give us a call on +44 (0)1923 650 080 to go through all the options you require or drop us a line at sales@esbroadcast.com

Channel options

6RU option

  • 6 channels in Base Config (12 channels with ChannelMAX)
  • 3 channels of UHD-4K

4RU option

  • 4 channels in Base Config (8 channels with ChannelMAX)
  • 2 channels of UHD-4K
  • 6RU orderable option
    • 6 channels in Base Config (12 channels with ChannelMAX)
    • 3 channels of UHD-4K
  • 4RU orderable option
    • 4 channels in Base Config (8 channels with ChannelMAX)
    • 2 channels of UHD-4K
  • Flexible Codec support: DNxHD (VC-3), ProRes 422, AVC-Intra, XAVC-Intra, XDCAM HD, M-JPEG, MPEG2 Intra, DVCProHD
  • Audio Options: 192 uncompressed audio tracks , built in audio router, with Analog, AES, Embedded and MADI support
  • 4x Integrated Multiviewers: Up to 12 channels of total display
  • Storage: Internal storage up to 9TB (External up to 20TB)
  • Recording Capacity: Up to 381 Hours of HD or 90 Hours of UHD-4K
  • Triple Networking: EVS XNet – Production Network, 10Gbps Media sharing network, and Dual management LAN ports
CAPACITY 24 hours of capacity (HD 100Mbps) 90 hours of capacity (HD 100Mbps) 3X more hours
Up to 5x Drives internally. Max of 300GB each Up to 12x Drives internally. Currently 900GB each Flexible growth options and hot swappable support
INTERNAL BANDWIDTH 150 MB/s Allows up to 6 channels 372 MB/s Allows 12 channels and multiple SuperMotion and 4K operations Performance headroom to support new standards and evolving SuperMotion and 4K operations
NETWORKING 1.5Gbps XNet Allows up to 8 simultaneous transfers 3Gbps XNet Allows up to 15 simultaneous transfers 2X networking bandwidth for easy flexible field networking
ETHERNET NETWORKING 1Gbps (2x Independent 1Gbps) Ethernet Media Ports. Allows up to 4 transfers in real time 2Gbps (Teamable 1Gbps) Ethernet Media Ports Allows up to 9 transfers in real time 2x SFP+ 10Gbps (Teamable) Ethernet Media Ports Allows up to 14 transfers in real time Faster media file sharing to save you time and enable more productivity
PLAYBACK FLEXIBILITY MIX Transitions in 2 ch Requires 2 adjacent playback channels MIX on one channel Flexible production options for playback
CHANNEL FLEXIBILITY Cannot go beyond 6 channels Expandable to 12+ channels Future flexibility for evolving production configurations and camera support
SUPERMOTION COMPATABILITY SuperMotion 2x and 3x cameras Each as independent phases in HD SuperMotion 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x cameras Use more and more SuperMotion cameras and configs emerging in the market
AUDIO DENSITY 8 tracks per recorder 16 tracks possible for every recorder 32 tracks possible in some operational configs MADI Audio connectors available 2x Audio support to meet the next generation of productions
IP CONNECTED INTERFACES DOS Screen Keyboard remote IP Connected Live tools Touch Interface Lo-Res Browsing for multiangle access IP enabled central management tools Extended options to speed operations and user access to content