Ex-Demo Panasonic AJ-PX5000G HD Camcorder with AVC-ULTRA RecordingEx-Demo Panasonic AJ-PX5000G HD Camcorder with AVC-ULTRA Recording

Ex-Demo Panasonic AJ-PX5000G HD Camcorder with AVC-ULTRA Recording

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The Panasonic AJ-PX5000G is a P2 HD camcorder with native AVC-ULTRA recording and built-in microP2 card slots.

This 2/3″ full-size ENG camcorder includes a newly developed 2.2M 3-MOS sensor block. This delivers a horizontal resolution of 1,000 TV lines and sensitivity of F13 at 50i with a signal-to-noise ratio of 60db. The sensor also effectively reduces rolling shutter issues.

Choice of high quality or low bit-rate recording for maximum flexibility

The Panasonic AJ-PX5000G offers AVC-ULTRA codec master-quality and/or low-bit-rate 10-bit, 4:2:2 recording in Full HD,  making it highly flexible for a variety of user needs, from mastering to transmission. You can use AVC-LongG for applications where file size is critical, which gives you 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampled recording in a much smaller file size. This saves storage costs and transfer times over MPEG-2 while maintaining equal or better video quality.

Panasonic AJ-PX5000G  AVC-ULTRA Codec

From mastering to streaming, you have complete freedom of choice over image quality and bit rate to match your application. Panasonic’s professional A/V codec family, AVC-ULTRA, is provided as standard, meeting both broadcasting and image production needs.


An intra-frame compression method that is highly suited to image production. In addition to the conventional AVC-Intra100/50, an optional AVC-Intra200 codec will be available. With outstanding images that approach the uncompressed quality and 24-bit audio, INTRA offers a level of quality that meets the needs of mastering and archiving.


An inter-frame compression method allows you to achieve high-quality HD recording at a low bit rate. Ideal for providing on-air content direct from the shooting location and for workflows using content transferred over the internet. Available bit rates AVC-LongG50/25/12 Mbps. AVC-LongG50/25 provides 10 bit/4:2:2 quality at a bit rate of roughly 25 Mbps.


Low-bit-rate, high-resolution, high-sound quality proxy video (Quick Time/H.264) is also recorded with the actual data, at the same time it includes metadata for efficient offline editing.

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