Tektronix WFM-5200Tektronix WFM-5200

Tektronix WFM-5200 3G/HD/SD Waveform Monitor

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WFM5000 Series Waveform Monitor

WFM-5200 | Standard for basic video and audio monitoring

Tektronix WFM-5200 is a basic yet efficient portable waveform monitor for adjusting and balancing cameras in broadcast studio, OB van or field location.

For the highlights of 5200-series you can include TandemVu (waveform + vector) for precise camera alignment. As well as Multi-camera balancing made simple with the Multiple Input Mode.

Quality Control (QC)

WFM-5000 series offers in-depth monitoring and analysis of digital data (including ANC data). Optionally you can get audio loudness monitoring and measurements.

Applications of use WFM-5200

Mobile & Studio Production
To create a spectacular images proper setup, alignment and matching of cameras is needed before an event.

Post Production
Easy to understand displays of the WFM5000 series provide whats needed for editors or colourists to adjust colour fidelity.

You have a choice of WVR-5200 rasterizer or higher models like WFM-8200 or WFM-8300

Characteristic Description
Inputs 4 inputs

Auto-detection between 3G, Dual Link, HD, and SD signals (Option 3G required for 3G formats)

Input Type BNC, internally terminated 75 Ω
Input Level 800 mVp-p, ±10%
Input Equalization 270 Mb/s: Up to 215 m of type 1694A cable

1.5 Gb/s: Up to 200 m of type 1694A cable

3 Gb/s: Up to 130 m of type 1694A cable

Output SDI Switched Output. Selectable, active input, or test signal
Return Loss (Inputs and Outputs) >15 dB from 1 MHz to 1.5 GHz, power on or off

>10 dB from 1.5 GHz to 3 GHz, power on or off

Monitor Output Signal Format (DVI-I Output) – 1024×768, 60 Hz vertical rate

External Reference

Characteristic Description
Sync Formats NTSC and PAL and tri-level sync
Input Type Passive loop through BNC, 75 Ω compensated
DC Input Impedance 20 kΩ, nominal
Return Loss >40 dB to 6 MHz

>35 dB to 30 MHz

Lock Range ±50 ppm

Serial Digital Waveform Vertical Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Vertical Measurement Accuracy At 1x gain, ±0.5% of 700 mV full scale; at 5x gain, ±0.2% of 700 mV full scale
Gain 1x, 5x, variable range 0.25x to >7.5x
Frequency Response
   SD Luminance (Y) channel ±0.5% to 5.75 MHz

Color Difference channels (Pb, Pr) ±0.5% to 2.75 MHz

   HD Luminance (Y) channel ±0.5% to 30 MHz

Difference channels (Pb, Pr) ±0.5% to 15 MHz

Waveform Horizontal Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Sweep Timing Accuracy ±0.1%
Sweep Linearity ±0.1%

Audio Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Level Meter Resolution 0.056 dB steps at 30 dB scale from full scale to –20 dBFS

0.20 dB steps at 70 dB scale for signals above –20 dBFS

Meter Ballistics True peak, PPM type 1, PPM type 2, BBC PPM, Loudness

Programmable Level Detection

Mute, clip, user-programmable silence, over
Level Meter Accuracy –0.5 dB (for analog), –0.2 dB (for digital) from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0 to –40 dBFS sine wave, Peak Ballistic mode


• 12 V DC In

• Power adapter accepts 100 to 240 V AC ±10% 50/60 Hz

Input Voltage

Characteristic Description
Voltage Range 12 to 15 V DC nominal

10.75 to 18 V DC min-max operating

Supply Connection XLR 4-pin male connector

Pin 1 = V(–)

Pin 4 = V(+)

Pin 2, 3: NC

Power Consumption 27 W typical

35 W max

Surge 10 A at 12 V
Fuse Rating 4 A, internal self-resetting fuse
Transient, Over, and Reverse Voltage Reverse- and over-voltage protected to ±30 V DC
The unit may power itself down in the presence of high transient voltages. This prevents damage to the unit and is not a fault

Physical Characteristics

Dimension mm in.
Height 133 5.3
Width 213 8.4
Depth 140 5.5
Weight kg lb.
Net 1.5 3.3