Ross Video Carbonite Black 2S PanelRoss Video Carbonite Black 2S Panel

Used Ross Video Carbonite Black 2ME Production Switcher with 2S Panel

This unit is sold in mint condition and comes with a three-month warranty.

£18,500.00 exc. VAT

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Please note this is a Used Ross Video Carbonite Black 2ME Production Switcher with 2S Panel. ES Broadcast carefully tests all used equipment prior to sale, and offers a three-month warranty. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be of the specific model offered for sale. Accurate pictures of this model are available on request.

The Ross Video Carbonite Black 236 is a mid-size 2ME production switcher with 2S panel that delivers high-end production power in a very affordable package.

This used unit is sold in mint condition and comes with a three-month warranty.

The Carbonite Black is capable of handling even 1080P60 and 4K productions without requiring expensive upgrades.

Black Series vision mixers bring an expanded I/O and ME count to the Carbonite family, as well as a new control panel. As a result, the Carbonite Black has proven to be the preferred choice of many media organisations whose productions require a mid-sized 1, 2 or 2.5 ME production switcher.

The vision mixer provides a new level of operational efficiency for enterprise broadcasting systems or large multi-camera production environments. A professional-grade feature set offers you the equivalent capabilities of a much larger switcher, helping you to deliver imaginative and dramatic productions.

Control Panels

Direct Access Crosspoint Buttons18 / 2418 / 2424 / 32
Number of ME Rows123
ME Effects Memory KeypadCB1 – Global Only
CB1s – Yes
CB2 – Global Only
CB2s – Yes
Theme-Able Panel Glow RGB Buttons ✔ ✔
8 Character Input and Key Source Color Mnemonics ✔ ✔ ✔
Custom Control Macro Buttons with Split Row Mnemonics/td>64 / 9664 / 9696 / 256

Features & Interfaces

Number of Keys per ME5
(4 + 1 Transition Key)
Number of Keys per MiniME2 per MiniME
Number of Keys on Half ME2 DSK + Media Wipe
Total Keyers in MiniME Mode/td>1 ME = 13
2 ME = 18
3 ME = 23
Total Keyers in 2.5 ME Mode13
UltraChrome Keyers (Floating)2
Number of Media-Stores™ (Capacity 8GB)4
Supported Media File TypesStills: .BMP. Stills & Animations: .JPG .JPEG (no Alpha), TGA & PNG (with Alpha) & 48k WAV audio files
Browser-based Graphics Management ✔
Pattern Generators2 per ME
Effects Memory with MemoryAI™100 per ME
Animated MediaWipes™ ✔
Direct Media Store Render Via Ethernet ✔
(Generates an Edit Decision List For Use In Post Production)
DashBoard LiveAssist ✔
ViewControl – Visual Production Control ✔
Robotic Camera Control ✔

Operating Modes

Standard Mode*4 ✖ ✖SD + HD ✔2 x 16
MiniME8 ✖ ✔SD + HD ✔2 x 16
MiniME 1080P 50/604 ✖ ✔3G ✖2 x 10
2.5 ME**8 ✔ ✖SD + HD ✔2 x 16
2.5 ME 1080P 50/60**4 ✔ ✖3G ✖2 x 10

* Standard Mode only applies to Carbonite & Carbonite eXtreme models.. Carbonite Plus and MultiMedia models have Frame Sync/Format Converters on all inputs regardless of operating mode.
** 2.5 Modes only apply to Carbonite, Carbonite Plus and Carbonite MultiMedia Engines

Frames (Processing Engines)

Multi-Definition Inputs18 or 2436From 24 to 144
Multi-Definition Outputs1022 / 25***From 16 to 144
Number of MEs1, 2 or 2.52 or 31, 2 or 2.5
Number of MiniMEs444
Number of Multiviewers™ with Tally and Source Names(Up to 32 windows)2 x 16 window / 5 x 16 window(Up to 32 windows)
Internal Format Converters / Frame Synchronizer6* / All Inputs / All Inputs6* / 366*
Number of Floating DVE’s8 or 4* / 8 / 88 or 4* / 88 or 4*
Input Proc AmpsNo / All Inputs / All InputsNo / Yes ✖
Input Color CorrectorsNo / All Inputs / All InputsNo / Yes ✖
Output Color Correctors / Proc Amps / Format Conversion ✖12 (Plus Frame Only) ✖
Selectable SDI / HDMI / Analog inputsNo / No / 2 or 4No / No ✖
HQ Format Converters (I to P & Computer Resolutions)No / No / 2 or 4No / No ✖
Number of GPI/O343434
Number of Tallies343434
Removable Storage MediaUSBUSBUSB
Time Code InputYes (LTC)Yes (LTC)Yes (LTC)
Ethernet Ports222
Reference InputBlack or Tri-LevelBlack or Tri-LevelBlack or Tri-Level
Internal Reference Generator ✔ ✔ ✖
Independently Configurable Reference Outputs22None
Editor Port1 (RS-422)1 (RS-422)1 (RS-422)
Signal Processing Standards
Standard Definition480i/59.94, 576i/50
High Definition720P & 1080i 50/60
1080PsF, 23.98/25
1080P 29.97
3G 1080P1080P 50/60
UHD / 4K**4x Quad Link (MultiScreen Mode)

* User selectable 6 FCFS or 8 DVE’s. (0 FCFS and 4 DVE’s in 3G mode).
** In 3G mode, the 24 input system has 12 format converters / frame synchronizer, and the 18 input system has 9.
*** Three additional outputs are MultiViewer only.
The Carbonite 1 and Carbonite 1S panels are able to address two ME’s – the operator can swap between ME 1 and ME 2 control.