Used Snell IQSYN22 HD-SDI Frame Sync, RGB Legalizer

This Used Snell IQSYN22 HD-SDI Frame Sync, RGB Legalizer is in a very good condition and in full working order as well it comes with 3 months warranty. We have multiple units available all in full working order and in very good condition.

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Please note this is an Used Snell IQSYN22 HD-SDI Frame Sync, RGB Legalizer. ES Broadcast carefully tests all used equipment prior to sale, and offers a three-month warranty. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be of the specific model offered for sale. Accurate pictures of this model are available on request.

Snell IQSYN22 HD/SD-SDI Frame Synchronizer with RGB Legalizer, Enhancer and SMPTE 2016 AFD Inserter

The IQSYN22 provides synchronization for HD-SDI 1.5 Gbps or SD-SDI 270 Mbps signals with 16-channel embedded audio processing including automatic synchronization of Dolby E signals. Using agile synchronization that is router-switching-tolerant makes this module ideal for all HD/SD-SDI lines input applications.

A video processing amplifier and legalizer provides complete control over the video levels, whilst a powerful enhancement feature allows picture detail to be sharpened. Audio processing features include automatic Dolby E re-alignment, PCM tracking audio delay, channel level routing and mixing.

The IQSYN22 is also able to directly pass audio channel status information to handle upstream switching of SDI containing PCM and Dolby E embedded audio.


• Agile HD/SD-SDI synchronizer with up to 11 frames of video delay and tracking audio delay
• Handles up to 16 channels of embedded audio present on the incoming SDI stream including ancillary cleaner for removal of unused ancillary data
• Embedded Dolby E support – pair routing and automatic re-alignment and synchronization to the video frame boundary
• Dual selectable HD/SD-SDI inputs with auto switching
• Agile synchronizer locking capable of handling mis-timed inputs of up to 5 lines without output video disturbance (SMPTE RP168 compliant)
• Standards supported:
• HD-SDI to SMPTE292M/274M/296M
• Capable of referencing to a bi-level or tri-level reference for HD timing
• Precision wide range genlock adjustment allowing you to time any HD/SD-SDI signal to pixel accuracy
• Video processing controls including hue, and advanced RGB gamut legalizer with selectable RGB area masks
• SMPTE 2016 reader, writer and re-mapper to insert user defined AFD metadata values in the output stream
• Advanced horizontal detail enhancer, with low, medium and high frequency band presets and custom gain and noise rejection controls
• Independent horizontal and vertical ancillary data blanking
• Tracking audio delay which seamlessly tracks the internal video delay and external RollTrack or GPI inputs
• 2 independent audio delay controllers including selectable fixed delay and RollTrack/GPI tracking delays for each (either selectable for eight pairs)
• Any group of embedded audio may be passed unchanged if not selected for processing or blanked
• Channel level (Sub-frame) routing
• 4 off 4 channel assignable audio mixers
• Audio processing amplifier and delay
• Built in Dolby E timing monitor allows accurate manual adjustment of Dolby E guard band position
• Input loss detection – input pass through/switch or black/pattern/freeze and Input SDI, CRC, EDH and ANC data checking and reporting
• Emergency input bypass option enables the SDI input signal to be passed through to SDI output 1 in the event of frame power failure or module removal

Inputs and Outputs
Signal Inputs

SDI Inputs 2x HD/SD-SDI
Electrical 1.5 Gbps HD-SDI, SMPTE 292M 270 Mbps SDSDI, SMPTE 259M-C
Connector / Format BNC / 75 Ohm panel jack on standard Snell connector panel
Input Cable Length Up to 140 m Belden 1694A @ 1.5 Gbps (40 m input cable length and 35 m output cable length, relay bypass version. Belden 1694A @ 1.5 Gbps)
Up to 275 m Belden 1694A @ 270 Mbps

Specified cable lengths are a guide only. Exact cable length performance will depend on the quality of the cable used, the SDI video rate and the system setup. It is advisable not to cascade modules using the relay rear version although it may be possible if the interconnecting cable lengths are kept to an absolute minimum.
Return Loss >-15 dB

Relay Bypass Versions
Input Return Loss >-8 dB (When not in BYPASS mode)
Output Return Loss >-8 dB (When not in BYPASS mode)

Reference Input
Analog Reference Input 1 x Analog Reference with passive loop-through SMPTE 240/ 274M and RS170A
Black (HD tri-level and SD bi-level) and Black Burst (SD bi-level) SD bi-level – RS170A, HD tri-level – SMPTE 240M, 274M and 296M
Connector / Format BNC / 75 Ohm panel jack on standard Snell connector panel
Analog Reference Return Loss SD bi-level > -40 dB to 5.5 MHz / HD tri-level > -35 dB to 30 MHz

Signal Outputs
SDI Outputs 3x / 4x HD/SD-SDI
Electrical 1.5 Gbps HD-SDI, SMPTE 292M 270 Mbps SDSDI, SMPTE 259M-C
BNC / 75 Ohm panel jack on standard Snell connector panel
Return Loss >-15 dB

Control Interface
GPI Up to 2x GPI (I/O configurable)
Electrical TTL-compatible, active-low driven
Connector / Format BNC / 75 Ohm panel jack on standard Snell connector panel

Power OK (Green)
CPU Running
OK (Green flashing)
FPGA Running
OK (Yellow flashing)
OK (Green), Warning (Yellow), Error (Red)
Input 1
OK (Green), Loss (Off)
Input 2
OK (Green), Loss (Off)
Error (Red)
Reference Lock
OK (Green)

Video Controls

Select Primary Input: 1/2/Auto with user configurable rules
Output Standard Select, Follow Input, Follow Reference
Standards List: Select video standards for automatic follow
Black Level: ±200 mV in steps of 1 mV
Master Video Gain: ±6 dB in steps of 0.1 dB
Y Gain: ±6 dB in steps of 0.1 dB
Cb/Cr Gain ±6 dB in steps of 0.1 dB
Hue -45° to +45°
RGB Legalizer On/Off
RGB Legalizer Mask 700 mV, 721 mV, 735 mV presets
H enhancement On/Off
H enhancement presets Low, Medium, High, Super, Custom
H enhancement frequency Low, Medium, High, Custom
Pattern Select 100% Color Bars, 75% Color Bars, SMPTE Bars, Tartan Bars, Black Field, Pluge Ramp, H Sweep, Pulse and Bar, Burst
Caption enable Off / On
Caption generator Programmable up to 16 characters
Caption size X-Y adjust
Caption position X-Y adjust
Blank Ancillary Data Blank All, Blank HANC, Pass All, Pass when Output Standard equals Input Standard
VBI Line Blank Individual lines for each video standard
Manual Freeze On/Off
Freeze Field/Frame
Video Channel Control Mono, Y/C blank
Reference Select External with phasing, Input Video with delay (Units: Lines and Pixels), Free-run
Delay Timing
Delay Frames
Default Video Output
Pattern / freeze / black / run through / redundant input
Auto Backup Rules
5 rules with Video presence and standard, Video Errors, Audio presence, GPI actions and Time Delays
Audio Controls
Embedded Audio Types
PCM (to AES3)/Data (SMPTE 337M inc. Dolby E)/Mixed (Passes any channel status information present)
Channel Routing Output channels routed from SDI (16 embedded channels from any group), test tone and silence
Output Side Control Proc.- Gain and Polarity
Independent Gain, Mute, and Polarity control over embedded output channels. +12 dB to -66 dB in 0.1 dB steps
Coarse Manual Delay 1 and 2 Up to +2 s in 0.25 ms steps, common to any selected pairs
Fine Manual Delay 1 and 2 Up to +0.25 ms in 5μ s steps, common to any selected pairs
Dolby E Delay (Alignment) Auto/Manual
Variable Audio Delay 1 and 2 Up to 0.5 s from RollTrack + GPI Delay
Pair Based Delay Sources Selectable video synchronizer delay + delay control 1 or 2
Embedder Priority Normal distribution/audio prioritized
Embedded Group Pass/Blank/Embed
Dolby E Auto Line Selection Define Dolby E embed line for each video standard
Tone Setup 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, mute @ -20 dBFS or -18 dBFS
Other Controls
GPI Configuration Not Used, as an output, as an input, pulse width timer + invert
GPI Input Activates on contact closure: Freeze, Pattern, Black, Blank ANC, Mono Y only, Mono CbCr only, Use I/P and Ext. reference, select I/P 1 and 2 and Backup
GPI Output Produces an output for: Input 1 and 2 OK, Reference OK Freeze, Pattern, Black, Monochrome, Input 2 Selected
User memories 16x Save / Recall / Rename
Input/Output Names User configurable naming of the individual embedded audio and mixer channels
RollCall Features
Logging: Input Status, ANC, EDH, CRC Errors and standard, Reference Status and Standard Video output status and standard, Embedded audio input status and type (pairs 1-8), Embedded Dolby E output timing status (pairs 1-8)
RollTrack Controls Source, Address, Command, Status, Sending
Roll Track Sources
Internal or detected device states that trigger the sending of RollTracks:
Unused, Video Delay, Input Present /Input Loss, Reference OK / Loss, Output Freeze / Unfreeze, In 1/2 Select, GPI1/2 High / Low / Inactive, Embedded Audio Present/Loss (Pairs 1-8), Out (video standards)
Video Standards
750(720)/60p, 1125(1080)/30i
750(720)/59p, 1125(1080)/30sF
750(720)/50p, 1125(1080)/29i
1125(1080)/30p, 1125(1080)/29sF
1125(1080)/29p, 1125(1080)/25i
1125(1080)/25p, 1125(1080)/25sF
1125(1080)/24p, 1125(1080)/24sF
1125(1080)/23p, 1125(1080)/23sF
525(480)/29i, 625(576)/25i
Minimum Delay 1 line
Video Delay 1 line to 11 frames + 1line (synchronizing) / 1 line to 11 frames – 1 pixel (delay mode)
Synchronizer Hysteresis Window HD – 4 μs, SD – 11μs
Reference Source External – HD tri-level (HD output only), SD bi-level, Input Video syncs
Genlock Adjustment Up to ±1 frame in steps of 1 pixel
Embedded Audio Handling HD – 24-bit synchronous 48 kHz to SMPTE 299M / SD – 20-bit synchronous 48 kHz to SMPTE 272MA
Embedded Audio Delay Minimum 3 ms (PCM), 0.75 ms (Data), Maximum 2.5 s
Channel Status Information Handled and checked
Power Consumption
Module Power Consumption 10 W (max.) / 10.5 W (max.) – Relay Bypass Version
Used Snell IQSYN22 HD-SDI Frame Sync, RGB Legalizer - Diagram
Used Snell IQSYN22 HD-SDI Frame Sync, RGB Legalizer – Diagram