£850,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2016
Capability: 12-CAMERA
Format: UHD HDR
Reference: 847

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Highly specced with a Grass Valley Kahuna 9600 2 M/E vision mixer, this 12-camera UHD truck packs a huge punch in a small footprint and offers both 3G HD and 12G UHD production capabilities via its Grass Valley NV8144 HD router and two Ross Ultrix 12G UHD video routers.

Full description coming soon.

Please note, photographs and videos show the truck in its current condition and may not reflect the actual equipment offered for sale. Interested parties should refer to the equipment list for details of what is included in the vehicle sale. We strongly recommend vehicles are viewed in person and a full inventory of equipment obtained prior to any offer being made

  • Single-expanding truck
  • Model: OB /Tender Mercedes Benz Antos
  • Year Built: 2016
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): OB 10m x 2.5m (expanded 3.7m) x 4.2m / Tender 10m x 2.5m x 4.2m
  • Driver Position: Right-Hand Drive
  • Weight: OB 18 tonnes / Tender 18 tonnes
  • Mileage: OB 13,589 km / Tender 7459km
  • Power: 3x 32 Single phase CEE form
  • Air Conditioning: 4x domestic

1x Grass Valley Kahuna 9600 2 M/E vision mixer
12x 21” video monitors
1x RTS ZEUS III 32 port comms matrix with 9x 16-Position Key Panel Talk Back System
2x Genelec 8020CPM audio monitors
Miranda NV920 Router Controller
2x Eaton SPX-3000 UPS
1x CTP System PM302 Production Monitor

1x CTP Systems VT12DE De-embedding monitor unit
2x Grass Valley NV9641A
4x Atomos Sumo 19 HDR monitor/recorders
4x Dell P2217H 21.5″ video monitors
4x RTS KP30-16X key panels
2x CTP Systems VT44DE Audio Monitoring Units

4x Postium OBM-U170 12G video monitors
3x OSEE RMD4342N-3G quad rack-mountable monitors
3x Marshall M-Lynx-702W dual 7” high resolution rack mountable monitors
1x Leader LV5900 Multi waveform monitor
1x Probel E165HD
3x RTS KP3016A key panels

1x Calrec Brio-36 Audio Mixer

Control Surface:

  • 36 x dual layer faders
  • 100mm, motorised, with PFL overpress
  • 1 x user assignable rotary control per strip
  • 2 x user assignable buttons per strip
  • Intuitive multi-touchscreen UI with 8 hardware rotary controllers for fine adjustment


  • 64 legs assignable as mono, stereo, or 5.1 Input Channels
  • 36 legs assignable as mono, stereo, or 5.1 Mains or Groups (Maximum of 4 Mains and 8 Groups)
  • 24 legs assignable as mono or stereo Auxes
  • 64 legs assignable as Insert sends and returns
  • 64 legs assignable as Direct, or Mix-Minus Outputs
  • Automatic Mix-Minus
  • Off-Air Conference for Mix-Minus
  • Delay available on every path, with additional 64 legs assignable as output delay
  • 64 legs assignable as input delay of up to 5s
  • Functions at 48, 96, 44.1 or 88.2kHz – All DSP facilities are available at all sample rates without restriction

I/O and Networking:

  • 1024×1024 router crosspoints
  • Integrated I/O
  • 24 x Mic/Line inputs, XLR
  • 16 x Analogue outputs, XLR
  • 8 x AES3 digital inputs, BNC
  • 8 x AES3 digital outputs, BNC
  • 8 x GPIO, D-type
  • 3 x Expansion slots to increase built in I/O, or to provide interface to other formats such as SDI, MADI, and a range of AoIP formats

1x CTP Systems SMU10
1x BEL A2165HD
5x Genelec 8020CPM studio monitors
2x Genelec 8010APM studio monitors
1x RTS KP-5032 key panel
1x Blackmagic HDLSMTWSCOPEDUO SmartScope Duo
1x Sony Sony LMD-2450 video monitor
1x Atomos SUMO19 HDR monitor/recorder

2x Ross Ultrix FR2 2RU 32×32 routers for 12g commission and 12g production and 1x GrassValley NV8144 144×144 8RU for HD 3G productions
Snell Pyxis 1U Frame, equipped with: Dual PSU, Single Nucleus Router Controller. 36×36 Stereo Analogue Audio Router With MADI.
2x I/O Board – 16×16 plus 2 AUX (Ultrimix and Ultriclean included)

  • 1x 8500 Hybrid Control card, NV only
  • 1x 8500 144×144 3 Gig/Hybrid Crosspoint
  • 5x 8500 9in HD Coax Input
  • 1x 8500 8in 3Gig Frame Sync Coax Input
  • 1x 8500 9IN Coax with Ethernet Rear
  • 3x 8500 8in 3Gig 1in MADI Coax Input
  • 2x 8500 8in 3Gig/De-embedding Coax Input
  • 3x 8500 18out HD Coax Output
  • 1x 8500 16out 3Gig/De-embedding/Embedding Coax Output
  • 2x 8500 16out 3Gig 2out MADI Coax Output
  • 1x 8500 Hybrid Control card, NV only
  • 1x 8500 144×144 3 Gig/Hybrid Crosspoint
  • 1x NV9000 1RU controller – NV920 Frame, dual power supplies, two control modules
  • 2x 2 RU LCD X-Y control panel
  • 3x 1 RU LCD control panel


  • 4x Densite Frames with:
  • 2x XVP-3901-DC 3Gbps/HD/SD Downconverter
  • 2x AAP-1741-3RU 4 ch Analogue audio processor (Including 3RU Adaptor)
  • 4x XVP-3901-DC 3Gbps/HD/SD Downconverter
  • 4x HDA-3911 3G/HD/SD Distribution Amplifier with EQ and reclocking for Densité 3
  • 2x XVP-3901 3G/HD/SD Up/Down/Cross converter with Optional Audio Processor
  • 2x XVP-3901-OPT-ALC-16 16-Channel on-board ALC option by Miranda
  • 9x HDA-3941 Dual 3G/HD/SD SDI DA with EQ and reclocking for Densité 3 frame
  • 2x XVP-3901-FS 3Gbps/HD/SD Frame Sync/ARC

3x Blackmagic HDLSMTWSCOPEDUO4K2 SmartScope Duo 4K
3x ATOMOS Shogun Studio monitor/recorder
1x Tektronix WFM7200 waveform monitor with options:

  • 1x 3G: HD and SD-SDI support on the same inputs-auto detect
  • 1x Audio Option
  • 1x Composite option
  • 1x Measurement option