$775,000 EXC VAT
Year Built: 2001 (Upgraded 2010)
Capability: 16-Camera
Format: HD
Reference: 817

Enquire about this Trailer

To enquire about this 16-camera HD OB trailer please call +44 (0)1923 650 080 or email sales@esbroadcast.com


This 16-camera HD OB trailer is sold fully equipped and ready for use with an array of high-quality equipment, including nine Grass Valley LDK 8000 HD camera channels.

The HD OB trailer is largely built on Grass Valley technology, with a Trinx 256 x 448 HD-SDI video router, Concerto 512 x 512 AES and analogue audio router and Jupiter control system. The vision mixer is a 4M/E Grass Valley Kalypso which is fully populated with 75 inputs, 48 outputs, dual chroma keyers, double take, 6 internal DVE engines with Kurl Effects, and internal still store. The mixer is supplemented with a Lance TDC 100 DDR controller.

Four EVS and two VTRs included

Three six-channel EVS XT2+ production servers, and one four-channel replay only EVS XT2+ server are included, along with controllers. An EVS X-Hub network hub and EVS X-File 3 file transfer and archiving system are also included, as are two VTRs. The truck itself is wired for three six-channel and four four-channel EVS, as well as six VTRs.

Formidable audio driven by Calrec Q2 mixer

The trailer boasts impressive audio capabilities, with a Calrec Q2 audio mixer providing 120 faders, 36 mono channels with four inputs per channel, and 24 stereo channels with two inputs per channel. An RTS ADAM 80 x 80 intercom is also included. Genelec monitoring in the audio and production galleries and nine Wohler speaker stations throughout the vehicle complete a powerful audio line-up.

Array of engineering equipment

The engineering area features testing and measurement equipment in the shape of a Harris TVM 950 waveform monitor and two Tektronix WVR 7020 rasterizers. A McCurdy audio test set and Hitomi lip sync and test signal generator are included, as are two Evertz master sync generators, along with Fortel frame sync remote control. Distribution is also powered by Fortel equipment, with 28 up/down/cross-converters, 20 up-converters and 40 down-converting DAs.

Camera channels and lenses included

Additional Grass Valley camera channels to the nine included with the truck are available at a supplementary cost, up to a total of 20 channels. All channels are currently Triax, but can be converted to SMPTE/single mode fibre.

Fujinon HD lenses are provided for each of the nine included channels, with a box lens set made up of 1x XA101, 1x XA88 and 4x XA72 lenses complemented by 3x HA22 zoom lenses and 1x HA12 wide angle lens. Grass Valley SuperXpander lens adaptors and Vinten Vector 70 tripod systems are provided for the six box lenses.

Branding logos (removed from images for client confidentiality) on the exterior will require removing.

This trailer is available from December 2018. The vehicle vendor is able to provide training on the operation of the truck.

  • Single-expanding trailer
  • Year Built: 2001
  • year Refurbished: 2010
  • Chassis Model: ABC
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • Unexpanded: 16m x 2.5m x 4m
    • Expanded: 16m x 4m x 4m (at widest point)
    • Expansion Pod (L x W): 11.75m x 1.5m
  • Weight: 28 tonnes (fully loaded)
  • Power: 200A 3-Phase 190-280V AC
  • Air Conditioning: 2x 8-ton units
  • 1x Grass Valley Kalypso 4ME HD vision mixer with 75 inputs/48 outputs, dual chroma keyers, Double Take, 6x internal DVE engines with Kurl Effects and internal still store
  • 1x Lance TDC 100 DDR controller
  • 6x RTS KP32 intercom stations
  • 2x RTS KP12 intercom stations
  • Genelec speakers
  • Wohler two-channel and four-channel speaker stations
  • 3x EVS XT2+ 3-6-channel LMS production servers
  • 1x EVS XT2+ 4-channel replay-only server
  • 1x EVS XFile 3 file transfer and archiving system
  • 1x EVS XHub network hub
  • 1x Panasonic HD1800 DVC Pro HD VTR
  • 1x Sony HDW-1800 HDCAM VTR
  • 4x 40″ multiviewer-based, router fed in-screen displays
  • 2x 32″ multiviewer-based, router fed in-screen displays
  • 10x Grass Valley OCP400 remote control panels
  • 1x Grass Valley MCP450
  • 1x Harris TVM-950 waveform monitor
  • 2x Tektronix WVR7020 waveform rasterizers
  • Fortel Frame Sync remote control
  • 3x Sony PVM-A170 17″ HD monitors
  • 1x LG 32″ monitor with multiviewer feeds
  • 9x 15″ LCD field monitors
  • Chyron Duet Hyper-X3 HD/SD dual channel graphics system (optional)
  • 1x Calrec Q2 audio mixer with 120 faders, 36 mono channels with four inputs each and 24 stereo channels with two inputs each (full spec available on request)
  • Genelec audio monitoring
  • 1x 24″ multiviewer display
  • 1x DK MSD600C audio phase monitor
  • 2x DBX 166XL stereo compressor/limiters
  • 8x DBX 160A compressor/limiters
  • 2x 360 Systems Digicart E audio recorder with zip drive
  • 1x Rane two-channel audio delay
  • 6x Sennheiser HMD-25 announcer headsets
  • 1x 80×80 RTS ADAM matrix intercom system
  • 5x Daltec announcer boxes
  • 4x RTS TIF-2000 telephone interfaces
  • 4x QKT analog phone couplers
  • 6x RTS SSA 424 2-4 wire converters
  • RTS 828 high-power IFB power supplies (16 IFB channels)
  • 9x RTS 4030 IFB belt packs
  • 20x Telex PH88 lightweight headsets
  • 20x Beyer single muff headsets
  • 1x Grass Valley Trinix 256 x 448 HD-SDI video router
  • 1x Grass Valley Concerto 512 x 512 AES and analogue audio router
  • 1x Grass Valley Jupiter control system
  • 1x Image Video tally system
  • 28x Fortel up/down/cross converters
  • 20x Fortel up-converters
  • 40x Fortel down-converting DAs
  • 1x Harris X50 frame synchronizer/converter
  • 2x Evertz master sync generators with changeover switch
  • 2x Evertz HD2020 Dual Path TX Proc amps with AES audio embedding
  • 1x Lawo V__pro8 eight-channel audio embedder
  • 1x Harris Videotek HD-Star generator and monitor
  • 1x McCurdy audio test set
  • 1x Hitomi lip sync and test signal generator
  • 9x Grass Valley LDK 8000 HD Triax camera channels (six with Grass Valley SuperXpander lens supporters)
    • Additional channels available for supplementary cost, up to a total of 20
    • Triax channels can be converted into SMPTE/single mode fibre if required
  • 1x Fujinon XA101x8.9 HD lens with stabilizer
  • 3x Fujinon XA87x9.3 HD lenses with stabilizers
  • 2x Fujinon XA72x9.3 HD lenses
  • 3x Fujinon HA22x7.8 telephoto HD lenses
  • 1x Fujinon HA13x4.5 wide-angle HD lens
  • 6x Vinten Vector 70 tripod heads
  • 7,000ft Triax cables
  • 3,000ft DT12 audio multicore cable
  • 600ft six-pair audio snake
  • 3x 150ft 10-wire coaxial looms
  • 3x 250ft 5-wire coaxial looms