£650,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2014
Capability: 18-CAMERA
Format: HD
Reference: 844

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Built to be able to negotiate the confines of narrow London streets, this 18-camera HD OB truck combines a small footprint with the technical capabilities of a much larger vehicle.

Its two expanding pods provide a spacious production area packed with highly specced HD equipment. Ideal for live events and sports productions, the truck has covered countless film premieres in London’s West End, as well as regular coverage of under-23 matches for the in-house channel of a Premier League football club.

18-camera HD OB truck with spacious, flexible production area

The OB truck’s sizeable production area can accommodate four operators in the main gallery and a further four in an EVS/secondary production area directly behind. The vision mixer is a 3-ME Sony MVS-7000X. The gallery wall consists of 10 Sony LMD-2341W 23″ HD monitors and two Sony PVM-2541A 25″HD  production monitors, as well  as four Osee 9″ split-screen monitors. Genelec audio monitoring is provided throughout this area.

The EVS positions include automatically retractable monitor stacks incorporating eight Ikegami ULE-217 21.5″ HD monitors.

Flexible engineering department

Engineering is accessed through a sliding glass door leading from the production room, or can also be reached directly from an external door to the rear of the truck. Accessible racking allows the OB truck to be rigged on a job-by-job basis if required, giving great flexibility to service a wide range of productions.

This area features four Sony PVM-A170 17″ HD monitors as well as Osee and Blackmagic monitors. Two Evertz 5600MSC signal pulse generators with SD and HD-SDI test generator, network time protocol and GPS options are included, as is an Evertz 5600ACO master changeover system.

Miranda routing and control

The HD OB truck operates on a Miranda NVision NV8280 288×576 audio/video router, controlled by a Miranda NV920 control system with full redundant control. A TSL Tallyman system controller and ESP-R1+ relay expansion unit are included, as well seven populated Miranda Densité 3 frames, a Tektronix WFM-7200 with audio, composite and measurement option and four DTL distribution amplifiers.

Calrec Omega audio mixer with 7.1 surround sound

The audio gallery is housed in a dedicated suite accessed from the truck’s exterior gangway. This features an impressively specced Calrec Omega digital audio console with 48 dual-later faders and Surround Spill, Bluefin high-density signal processing, 160 channel processing paths (64 mono and 48 stereo), 4×4 64-channel Madi, 32×32 AES and 64 mic line and 64 analogue outputs. The mixer’s MADI enables expansion for larger productions.

The audio suite boasts 7.1 surround sound audio monitoring, powered by Genelec speakers, with Bel and CTP audio monitors included in the audio rack. A Telex RTS Adam intercom system is included, while HD video monitoring is via two Sony PVM-A170s.

Auxiliary edit suite and storage in tender vehicle

The accompanying tender vehicle includes sizeable storage for cables and flight cases. It houses an auxiliary edit/graphics suite with floor-to-ceiling rack and work stations for two operators. No equipment is included in this tender vehicle.

The 18-camera HD OB truck itself has locker storage underneath, while the vehicle’s body is specifically built for thermal and acoustic protection.

In superb condition throughout and with an expansive array of high-quality equipment included, this 18-camera HD OB truck and tender is the perfect solution for medium to large live events and sports productions.

  • Double-expanding rigid chassis truck
  • Model: OB / Mercedes AXOR 2529, Tender / Mercedes Axor 1824
  • Year Built: 2014
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): OB 11.4m x 2.55m (4.5m at widest point when both pods expanded) x 3.9m / Tender 10.5m x 3m x 3.5m
  • Driver Position: Right-Hand Drive
  • Weight: OB 26 tonnes / Tender 18 tonnes
  • Mileage: OB 41,763km / Tender 59,455km
  • Power: OB CEE 36, 3 Phase / Tender CEE 32 Phase

1x Sony MVS-7000X 3ME vision mixer
10x Sony LMD-2341W 23” video monitors
2x Sony PVM-2541A 25” video monitors
4x OSEE RMD9024-HSC 9” SplitScreen video monitors
2x Genelec 8020CPM audio monitors
1x Genelec 6010BPM audio monitor
1x Telex RTS RP-1000 System, 32-position HD colour display key panel
1x CTP Systems PM302 production monitoring system

4x Miranda 1RU control panels
4x RTS KP 12 CLD 12-position colour display keypanel
8x Ikegami ULE-217 21.5” HD Monitor
1x CTP Systems Prehear 2040 production monitoring unit
4x CTP Systems VT12DE De-embedding monitor unit also with two AES and two analogue stereo inputs

4x Sony PVM-A170 17” monitor
4x BMD Smartscope Duo 4K monitors
4x OSEE RMD4342-HSC Quad 4.3” 2RU 16:9 monitors
1x OSEE RMD9024-HSC 9” dual monitor
4x Netgear GS728TP 24-port smart switch
1x RTS KP 12 CLD 12-position colour display keypanel
1x ATEN CL5716MATEE 16 port combo slide away 17” LCD KVMP switch
1x Eaton 5PX 3000 2U Netpack UPS, 2700 Watt, 3000 VA
4x Miranda NV960S control panel
1x Evertz 5600ACO Master changeover system
2x Evertz 5600MSC – Rackmount SPG including:
Evertz +STG – SD Test Signal Generator
Evertz +T – Network Time Protocol
Evertz +HTG – HD SDI test Generator
Evertz +GP – GPS Option

1x Calrec Omega digital audio console, 56 fader frame, 48 dual layer faders plus Surround Spill, Bluefin High Density Signal Processing, 160 channel processing paths (64 mono channels and 48 stereo channels) 4×4 64ch Madi, 32×32 AES, 64 Mic Line, 64 Analogue Outputs, including:

– Calrec RTW TM7 mounting panel
– Calrec Dual needle stereo PPM
– Calrec 491118 15” Touchscreen panel

1x BEL BM-A2-16SHD Non Dolby Audio Monitor
1x CTP Systems SMU-10D Audio monitoring with 10x Analogue and 1x AES
1x Telex RTS Adam Intercom System
2x PVM-A170 17″ monitor
1x Ikegami ULE-217 7″ monitor
3x Genelec HT206B – two way active speaker system
2x Genelec 8020CPM audio monitors
2x Genelec 6010BPM audio monitors
1x Genelec 7050B audio subwoofer
2x RTS TIF-2000A Single line digital telephone interface

1x Miranda NVision NV8280 16RU Frame 288 x 576 in 1 Frame audio/video router
1x Miranda NV920 Control system with full redundant control
1x Miranda NV9640A 2 RU shallow-depth LCD XY control panel with 30 multicolour LCD display buttons
1x TSL TM1 System Controller
1x TSL ESP-R1+ relay expansion unit
7x Miranda Densite 3 frame’s populated
1x Tektronix WFM7200 with Audio, Composite and Measurement option
1x Harris DTD-A19B2 Digital Clock
4x DTL 5AV2628 CEDA front adjustable distribution amplifier
1x CTP Systems BLITS 5.1 Tone Generator
3x Netgear FS726T 10/100 fast ethernet switch
3x Netgear Prosafe M5300-28G3
1x Draytek 2830n ADSL wifi router
1x OSEE RMD9024 dual 9” monitor
1x Sony PVM-A170 17” monitor