€650,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built:
Capability: 26-CAMERA
Format: HD 3G
Reference: 846

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To enquire about this trailer please call +44 (0)1923 650 080 or email sales@esbroadcast.com

With a total of 20 channels of EVS capability, this 26-camera HD single expander OB truck has a long and illustrious pedigree in live sports production. It’s primary use throughout its career has been for Serie A football coverage in Italy, which it is still being used for today.

The truck has also seen recent action at the Alpine Ski World Cup in Val Badia, Italy and at the 2019 UEFA U21 European Football Championships.

Full description coming soon.


Please note, photographs and videos show the truck in its current condition and may not reflect the actual equipment offered for sale. Interested parties should refer to the equipment list for details of what is included in the vehicle sale. We strongly recommend vehicles are viewed in person and a full inventory of equipment obtained prior to any offer being made

  • Single-expanding trailer
  • Year Built:
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 16m x 4m x 4m (16m x 2.5m x 4m at widest point when expanded)
  • Power: 400V rating 125A
  • Air Conditioning: Carel Aircon Throughout

Grass Valley Kayak HD 300 3M/E vision mixer with:
72 input, 48 AUX BUS, 16 Scalar Input, 3ME surface, 1ME surface

6x LG 55” LCD Monitors
2x Genelec 8030 Audio monitors
1x Riedel Artist ECP 2016P Talkback
1x Harris RCP-32x8p
1x GV Control Panel 3020
1x RANE AD-22S Audio Delay

2x EVS XT2 6 channel Slow Motion
1x EVS XT3 8 channel
6x EVS Controllers
2x Samsung 17” monitors
2x Sony PVM-1741 monitors
2x Kroma LM5009 tripple rackmounted monitors
1x EVS X-file3
2x Sony XDS-PD1000 XDCAM Deck / IT Server Station‎
1x Sony PDW-HD1500 XDCAM Deck
1x Lawo VPRO8 986/01 8 channel video processing toolkit

DIGICO D5 Live Audio Console, including:

  • 96x analog input
  • 48x AES input
  • 48x analogue output
  • 48x AES output

Intercom System – Riedel Artist 128, including:

  • 24x intelligent LCD panel
  • 92x 4 wire ports

4x Genelec 8030 Audio monitor
1x Genelec 7040A Audio monitor
2x Genelec 8020 Audio monitor
1x NEC
1x Kroma LM6017
2x Panasonic
1x Blackmagic Duo
1x Dolby DP563 Surround Encoder
1x Soundfield SP451 surround processor
1x Talia MB-630 monitoring bridge
1x Bel BER A4-4 Series Monitor
1x Dolby DP572 Decoder
2x Dolby DP571 Encoder
1x Dolby MultiChannel DP570

HARRIS Platinum Video Router 256×512 192×168 HD SDI

  • 32×32 Analogue Video
  • 64×64 Analogue Audio
  • 64×64 Audio AES

6x Harris Centrio Hybrid HView multiviewer
2x Harris SX PRO HView 64×6 multiviewer
6x Magellan OLED intelligent button 22 XY Platinum panels
2x LAWO V8 Video delay & Frame Sync
20x Leitch VEA6800 Analogue Video Distributor
20x Leitch ARG6800 Analogue Audio Distributor
8x Imagine Communication HMX 6803 HD SDI 3G Video Embedder
4x Imagine Communication HDX 6803 HD SDI 3G Video Deembedder
30x Harris DA-DHR 6804 HDSDI 3G Video Distributor
1x Tektronix WFM 7000 waveform monitor
1x Harris TVM-950 waveform monitor
1x Harris TVM-900 waveform monitor
1x Leader LV5700A waveform monitor
3x Sony PVM-A170 17″ monitor
2x Samsung monitor