$1,611,000 exc taxes & duties
Year Built: 2018
Capability: Eight-Camera + 20-POV Camera
Format: 4K UHD 3G Level A SMPTE Fibre
Reference: 819

Enquire about this Flyaway / PPU

This Flyaway/PPU is no longer available, but we are able to source OB vehicles to suit any needs. Please call us on +44 (0)1923 650 080 or email sales@esbroadcast.com to discuss your requirements.


This newly built eight-camera UHD flyaway/PPU is presented for sale in mint condition, having only been used for 10 weeks before the e-sports event it was covering was cancelled.

Perfect custom-designed e-sports solution

Designed with e-sports coverage specifically in mind, the flyway is capable of handling eight UHD camera channels and 20 HD POV sources at the same time. This allows you to set up POV cameras on gaming stations while covering a range of studio shots with the UHD channels.

Cameras in the shape of eight Panasonic AK-UC3000GSJ UHD complete camera channels and 20 Marshall CV-565-MGB HD POV cameras are included. Canon HJ11 and HJ21 lenses for the channels are also offered, along with all cabling required.

Hugely powerful UHD production capabilities

The PPU’s production capabilities are built on Grass Valley technology. A Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame vision mixer offers 96 inputs and 48 outputs and 4 ME as standard, but this capacity is significantly boosted by a series of option modules. Full details are in the Production section of the specifications listed below.

Graphics are powered by a Ross Xpressions Live CG and graphics package.

Underpinning the PPU’s 4K functionality is a Utah Scientific UTAH-400 Series 2 3G SDI matrix router. Its 192 x 192 standard in/outputs are boosted by a plug-in expansion unit which increases the router’s capacity to 288 inputs x 288 outputs.

Audio hardware is not included in the package.

  • 1x Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame 96×48 4ME 4K vision mixer, including Pro Package, PS Package, Ply Pkg
  • 1x KAYN-PNL-400-35.B. 4 ME panel with 35-button control unit with redundant power, menu panel, manual set, cable
  • 1x K-FRM-100S K-FRAME Standard (13U) Frame with stand-alone power supply (1U) frame and two PS, Standard Controller Module with 1 ME std, 6 keys, 32 In, 32 Out
  • 2x K-FRM-ME-DPM K-FRAME ME/DPM module – adds 1 mix/effects module with two processors supporting up to 4 licensable DPM’s and up to 2 ME’s or 2 eDPMs
  • 2x K-FRM- Input K-FRM Input Module – Adds 32 inputs, 8GPI Inputs, 32 GPI outputs per input board, 1 board per frame slot
  • 2x K-FRM-OUTPUT K-FRM Output Module, adds 16 dual channel outputs (32 outputs) per output board, one board per frame slot
  • 1x K-FRM-LIC-2DDPM Software License Enabling – All 2dDPMs available on licensed MEs in the video processor frame
  • 3x K-FRM-LIC-ME Software License – Enabling mix/effects functionality on K-FRM- ME/DPM Module. One license required for every ME
  • 1x K-FRM-LIC-3G-S Software License enabling 3G formats in the K-FRM -50S Standard Video processing frame
  • 1x K-FRM -LIC-ME-VIEW. Software license enables the capability to view add’l preview output from the ME that displays the input videos for that ME
  • 1x K-FRM Standard 13U Frame Spares Kit: Includes Control Processor and Fan Module
  • 1x Misc Hardware, Cables, Connectors, Wraps
  • 1x Kayenne PRO Pkg K-FRM-IMG K FRAME Image Store K-FRM-LIC-IMG 16GB or 32GB. Upgradeable
  • 1x K-FRM-LIC-IMG-RAMR Software License (Enables audio and up to 30 seconds video)
  • 1x K-FRM-SW-OPT Software License
  • 1x GVG K-FRM-LIC MLTVWR- Multiviewer Option
  • 2x GVG Control Panel Road Cases
  • 1x Rolling table top Road Case for Switcher op panel
  • 1x UPS GXT4-6000RTL63 42OOW/600VA Double Conversion UPS System
  • 1x UPS 2700va GXT2 in line Power Conditioner w/backup
  • 1x Ross Xpressions Live CG & Graphics Package
    • Fully Loaded package includes creation and playout software.
    • 4RU Rack mount chassis. w/ current Ross HW specs. Support. UNLTD output layers. GPI Card
  • 1x DataLinQ Server Option. Provides connection to external data sources such as ODBC, RSS, Excel, Access, and XML.
  • 1x Xpression Custom Keyboard. Dedicated Keys for Xpression Functions. User Defined Custom keys.
  • 1x Xpression CII Gateway bundle. (SW only). Chyron Intelligent Interface Protocol Automation Gateway bundle w/ QMD/QMDX GC option
  • 1x Dell 24″ 1080P HD Monitor
  • 1x Microsoft Office 2013 software suite
  • Various monitors
  • 8x Panasonic AK-HRP1000GJ remote operational panels
  • 1x Leader LV-5770A waveform monitor
  • 1x Leader LV-5333 waveform monitor
  • Not included
  • 1x Utah Scientific MATRIX 192×192 Router 3G-SDI video router
  • 1x UTAH-400/288R Series 2 frame loaded with 192 inputs and 192 outputs. 3G HD/SDI video. Includes dual power supplies.
  • 1x Plug-in expansion to 288 inputs by 288 outputs (13RU)
  • 1x SC-400E control system with redundant control cards and power supplies.
  • 1x User-configurable control and status panel.
    • Features 16 LCD re-legendable /programmable user buttons.
    • Panel communicates via U-NET or E-NET (1RU)
  • 1x Full Matrix control and status panel. Features 12 source and 4 destination user assignable buttons, 16 level control and a 20 button keypad. E-NET interface (2RU)
  • 1x 64-button control and status panel. All button are programmable for source, destination and/or level selection.
  • 1x E-NET interface. (1RU)
    • 1 Button per Source/ Destination panel. 36 buttons programable for either source, destination, or function select
    • Features up to 72 (w/”shift” function ) source buttons. E-NET interface.
  • 1 misc BNC cables, parts, connectors
  • 8x Panasonic AK-UC3000GSJ 4K camera channels. Each channel includes:
    • Panasonic AK-UCU500PSJ CCU
    • Panasonic AK-HRP1000GJ Remote Operation Panel
    • SHANTM700 tripod plate
    • 250ft fibre cable
    • 100ft fibre cable
    • 3-metre ROP cable (I/O pane to CCU)
  • 3x Panasonic AK-HVG100GH studio viewfinders
  • 7x Panasonic AK-CVF50JG ENG colour viewfinders
  • 2x Custom camera cases (four cameras per case)
  • 2x Custom I/O VC racks, housing four CCU and RCPs each with monitor mount
  • 6x Canon HJ11x4.7mm wide-angle lenses
  • 2x Canon HJ21x7.5mm telephoto lenses
  • 20x Marshall CV565-MGB 1080P 3G 2.5MP compact Genlock POV cameras with interchangeable lenses
  • 20 x 3.7mm Marshall M12-mount prime lenses
  • 20x PSUs for Marshall cameras
  • 20 x 11″ articulating arms
  • 20x DINKUM Action Pod Pro camera mounts
  • 5x 250ft BNC looms. Each loom contains 7x BNCs (5x video, 1x Genlock, 1x Timecode)